Welcome to FoodVice 


Before there’s any confusion, I must explain my blog name: “FoodVice”, which means “Food Advice”. I wouldn’t want you to make the mistake of thinking that food was a vice- something to be ashamed of or guilty of. That’s the opposite vibe I am creating.

Food is a common language. Eating is something we have to do everyday. So why attach guilt or shame to it. I chose this blog name because I want to provide advice. These are not prescriptions or forced interventions, I am simply here to expose you to the most recent evidence and my expertise in nutrition to let you be the judge and let you decide what to do with the information. As a Registered Dietitian, I have a duty to provide you with all the information you need and to let you be the judge on whether that will benefit you.

And for those of you who do not know what a Registered Dietitian is, please let me explain. First things first is we don’t just do meal plans. Meal plans may be great for some, but they are a temporary form of treatment for healthy eating. RDs can help individuals make behavioural changes that are long lasting and effective. Second thing is that there is a big difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist: a Dietitian is a nationally regulated profession and must adhere to a College. We have a duty to be evidence-based and up to date on current nutrition research because we must be accountable for the information we share with clients and the public. That makes our practice ethical and safe. Dietitians look at the whole individual to best meet their needs and priorities.

I will treat this blog with the same respect. To share with you the recent evidence on nutrition trends and practices and make sure you’re getting the whole story. It is important for me to mention that this blog can only provide information and is not meant as a form of treatment. I always recommend to go see a Registered Dietitian, Doctor or Nurse Practitioner before making drastic changes to your diet.

Aside from the housekeeping, my blog is a place to explore my passion of food and to learn with you the secret to living a healthy lifestyle. Health is ever evolving and can be influenced by a variety of factors so let’s find the answers together.

Disclaimer: I will be posting the occasional recipe from my kitchen, and they may not always be Dietitian-Approved, so maybe that’s why I subconsciously included “vice” in my blog name… Shhh.

Welcome to FoodVice and happy reading.