As we all know, Sundays are for Brunch. It’s a fact. I’m sure we all have our go-to brunch meal, but this time I’m sharing a french toast that is not only tasty but also somewhat healthy. Stay with me.

We’re using whole grain bread, ricotta cheese and berries and maybe a wee bit of Canada’s liquid gold: maple syrup.

French toast.jpg

Cut the crusts off, smear on a good amount of ricotta and raspberries.

French toast choco.jpg

Oops, somebody must have sprinkled chocolate chips when I wasn’t looking. Smart move.

yamsand icook.jpg

Once you’ve dipped your sandwiches in eggs/milk/orange zest/vanilla extract get a buddy (i.e. my sis) and cook em in a cast iron skillet. Mmm can you smell that from over there?

Not only is your belly happy, but you’re getting a good dose of fibre, vitamin C, protein and calcium. Invite your friends over and give it a whirl.

Happy Eats.


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